About Integrated Food Studies

Curriculum & courses

The program is based on a combination of three different directions: food sociology and innovation, public health and design. You will, as students gain insight into the challenges and opportunities in food production and public / private consumption. This gives you the unique skills to analyze complex problems in the field and the ability to formulate innovative solutions to future challenges in the food area.


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Student projects

 Pastaworkshop and project at Integrated Food Studies
The students must write projects in each semester. The project is typically done in groups of 2-6 people. PBL approach at Aalborg University also means that working with socially relevant issues typically on the basis of case studies and practical issues drawn from real-world by working with a company, organization or municipality.


Problem based learning

All of the programmes at Aalborg University are based on a unique model of teaching and learning: the problem-based, project-organized model also referred to as “PBL - The Aalborg model”.
The PBL - Aalborg Model, has become both nationally and internationally recognised as an advanced and efficient learning model and a trademark for Aalborg University.



Aalborg University practice research-based teaching. Thus, the teachers conduct research within the same fields they teach. Our students therefore gain access to state-of-the-art knowledge within the various research fields, and committed teachers dedicated to the subjects they teach.




Skolehave butik. Integrated Food Studies

Throughout the education the students are on various excursions around Denmark


Kitchen Collective

Kitchen Collective is a practical, culinary breeding ground, where gastronomic ideas can be tested, developed and produced on a smaller scale. Kitchen Collective enables culinary entrepreneurs to make their ideas appetizing by offering production facilities at FoodscapeLab AAU.

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Foodscape Lab

FoodscapeLab experiment with iBuffet and Observer XT

The Foodscape Lab (FSL) offered at AAU Sydhavn by the Department of Planning & Development is an experimental facility for the study of food choice architecture, behavioral nutrition and other forms of food behaviour in an experimental foodscape setting.

FSL facilities are offered for evidence based research and education at Aalborg University, including Integrated Food Studies and PhD courses.

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