Student enviroment


Entrance to IFS Studio and the Foodscape Lab is located at Frederikskaj 10AEntrance Frederikskaj 10A

Group room

The three grouprooms are shared among the 3rd/4th students and are being used for studying and social events. Small IFS grouproom

Outside area

AAU-CPH is right near the canals and there are many places around the campus to relax, study or just enjoy the sunOutside AAU-Cph Campus


IFS studio is use for lectures as well as groupwork for 1st/2nd students. IFS Project presentation in IFS Studio

Analytic room

IFS has an analytic room with four computers availiable for IFS studentsAnalytic room


AAU canteen

AAU-Cph have two cantines at the Campus. The main is situated at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15 and a smaller one at FrederiksKaj 12. Chartwells responsibility for all canteens, which is driven by a brand new campus concept.AAU-Cph Cantine ACM15


Group area

IFS studio is devided into sections where students from 1st/2nd semester have their own group area. Each group have their own space with their whiteboards, cupboards ect Grouproom Studio


The FoodScape Lab (FSL) offered at AAU Sydhavn by the Department of Planning & Development is an experimental facility for the study of food choice architecture, behavioral nutrition and other forms of food behaviour in an experimental foodscape setting

Foodscapelab AAU
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