Martina Glyager

IFS student Martina Glyager from Canada  tell about her first six month at AAU

Xiaoling Xue

26 years old Xiaoling Xue from China is now on her last semester

Xiaoling Xue IFS student"I have been in Denmark for 5 years. When I heard about Integrated Food Studies in my last semester as Bachelor in Metropol University College, I planned to go further with a Master. There were also other courses related to my Bachelor in other schools, however, these courses require students to be specialized in specific subjects, which make it less interesting for me. I want to utilize the knowledge with different views to look at the health topic, and analyze this health related areas, in order to make some change. I found IFS could be the better place for me to make my thought come true. It was hard to start in the beginning with wide perspectives and I even doubted if I could finish it. But now I have been through the first three semesters, and now I am quite confident with what I know, and how I could use this knowledge. I am also quite happy that I can share with others about Chinese culture and views. Thanks for being as a member of IFS, and thanks for Aalborg University that has been open to varieties of students. Because of the openness, I believe we can do more than we image".


Emil Kiær Lund

Emil from Denmark looks back six month going from political science to Integrated Food Studies

Diego Virgen Castro

Diego Virgen Castro from Mexico, age 24 is looking back at the last 18 month.

Diego Virgen Castro IFS student"My main motivation on taking the IFS Master’s was Food Design. However, because of the multidisciplinary approach of the programme, I realized how complex food systems are and how they shape our lives. One exciting aspect of Integrated Food Studies is that most of our professors come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives. This fact has enriched and edified my academic experience. During the last 18 months I have attained different skills to comprehend today’s food related problems from different angles like: Communication, Public Health Nutrition and Food Governance. In the short future, I see myself working and designing solutions in specific contexts and scenarios based on the analytic sensitiveness and assessment tools gained during the education".


Sigurd Schack Ulvedal

Sigurd Schack Ulvedal from Denmark have been interested in food for the last several years

IFS student Sigurd Ulvedal"I got interested in the Master Integrated Food Studies because it is an education approaching food from different angels. IFS seeks to create knowledge in the fields of public health nutrition, food design and food sociology/policy. When those three areas become interconnected they create an eye opener into the complexities of food. Integrated Food Studies have provide me with tools and competencies to better understand how our foodculture is formed and have given me the knowledge to argue for potential reshaping of foodsystems. By studying at IFS I have gain a broad understanding of food related topics and get the knowledge into how different people, institutions and market powers think of food and accordingly act".

Mia Brandhøj

Mia from Denmark tells about why she started as a IFS student.
Mia Brandhøj"I choose to enroll on the master of Integrated Food Studies because I wanted to influence the future food system somehow. I have been working as research assistant in the MENU group at Aalborg University Copenhagen, and thereby learned about the masters programme.
The courses enable the students to understand the interactions in the system from a range of perspectives in practice relating to input, production, distribution, consumption, health aspects, food cultures and disposal - or more popular phrased food waste. Altogether in an integrated manner.
By understanding how these structures, actors and practices around food are established and work, the abilities to identify where, what, why, and how to enter the food system with the purpose of change making can be approached.
I think the main strength of IFS candidates and the motivator for me choosing the master programme in Integrated Food Studies, is the integration of traditional research fields that in practice can constitute a whole system approach."