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Integrated Food Studies

Master in Integrated Food Studies

Integrated Food Studies is an interdisciplinary Master of Science Program addressing today’s national and global challenges in the food sector. The Master Program is offered at the AAU Copenhagen Campus, beautifully located at the city’s waterfront.

Master in Integrated Food Studies will give you the possibility to study food and its many meanings in society. The master offers a holistic approach combining natural science, design and social science traditions.

The master will be oriented towards contemporary and historical meanings and expressions of food through the study of food production, processing and consumption. Both ‘main stream’ and ‘alternative food networks’ gastronomy and nutritional aspects and meanings of food will be presented and elaborated with innovation and sustainability as two common key words.

With this master you will be able to get competences to widen the horizon from your food related bachelor either in nutrition or in other food related educations. The holistic approach will give you the ability to navigate in a complex world of food-related decisions and expressions, both public and private. Also ‘hands on’ activities with taste or innovation of food product design will offer an exciting dimension to the master.

The three professions in the master are meant to be a common part for all students, but it is possible to choose one of the three as a main specialization, mainly through the projects. The three professions can be described as:

  • Design and Gastronomy
  • Food Policy, Innovation and Networks
  • Public Health Nutrition


Meet Nini Camilla Bagger. She is studying Integrated Food Studies at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, an interdisciplinary Master of Science programme addressing national and global challenges in the food sector:


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