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About FoodscapeLab

About FoodscapeLab

FSL’s services and facilities could be used for the study of innovations, interventions and inventions aimed at influencing human behavior and agencies in situations of choices in self-service environments, cafeterias, self-service lay-outs, buffets and other out-of-home eating architectures.

FSL provides facilities for evidence and research based education at Aalborg University, includingIntegrated Food Studies and PhD courses. It also offers facilities to be used in the context of research projects. The services of the lab are available to external users too.

As an innovative research facility the FSL is in constant motion and are aiming at offering the most update facilities for the study of human behaviour in real life food situations. At present the FSL offer the following services:

  • Equipment and software for observational studies of intake of individuals and the calculation of food intake
  • Equipment and software that can measure consumer response to different foods using cameras and specialized software
  • Equipment and software that can be used to observe, capture, edit and analyses consumer behavior in “out of lab” foodscapes such as schools, kindergartens, cafeterias, street food settings etc.